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Ethical Hacker (PenTest+)

Elevate your career in IT by learning how to identify security flaws in online systems or networks. You’ll gain the skills needed to conduct advanced penetration testing assessments, effectively identify system weaknesses and establish continual risk prioritization for organizations. Protect your team with this industry-leading certificate!

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About the Ethical Hacker (PenTest+) Certificate

Course length

3 weeks

Weekly time commitment

15-20 hours per week



*You can pay as little as $283 per month. For full payment options and different financing plans, including interest rates from external lenders, please talk to our enrollment team.

The Ethical Hacker certificate program equips you with the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide a comprehensive penetration testing approach to identify and manage network vulnerabilities. As technology continues to evolve, earning your Ethical Hacker certificate ensures you have the skills to keep pace with industry demands. You’ll learn to perform ethical hacking techniques, analyze security threats and develop custom scripts to automate tasks, and more.

At the conclusion of this course, you’ll be prepared to take the CompTIA PenTest+ Exam PT0-001 to earn your national certification.

Regional Data (Ohio)

The average Ethical Hacker salary in the United States is $107,254 as of October 2023. You may not start off making this much, but growth opportunity is abundant!



Career Paths 


Penetration Tester


Security Analyst


Security Consultant


Vulnerability Analyst


Web App Penetration Tester

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  • Circle icon Are you intrigued by the world of cybersecurity and the idea of legally hacking systems to strengthen their defenses?
  • Circle icon Are you excited about the prospect of learning advanced penetration testing techniques to assess the security of networks, systems, and applications?
  • Circle icon Are you a problem-solver who loves to think outside the box, finding creative ways to safeguard digital assets from cyber threats?
  • Circle icon Are you seeking a program that offers industry-recognized certification, validating your expertise and boosting your professional credibility?
  • Circle icon Are you willing to delve into various security concepts, including network vulnerabilities, cryptography, and risk management?
  • Circle icon Are you looking for a flexible learning format that allows you to balance your studies with your current commitments?