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Composites Manufacturing and Repair Technician

Become an essential leader in the creation and repair of cutting-edge composite materials.In this program, you’ll master skills from precision assembly to composite material repair and quality assurance, preparing you for opportunities in aerospace, automotive and other rapidly expanding industries.

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About the Composites Manufacturing and Repair Technician Certificate

Course length

10 weeks

Weekly time commitment

15-20 hours



*You can pay as little as $254 per month. For full payment options and different financing plans, including interest rates from external lenders, please talk to our enrollment team.

Explore the dynamic world of composite materials, where innovation meets craftsmanship. The utilization of composites has experienced a rapid surge across various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, medical devices and sports equipment. Our program equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this cutting-edge field.

In this program, you will dive into the fascinating realm of composite manufacturing, where precision and manual dexterity are paramount. You will learn to craft products using diverse materials like carbon fiber, fiberglass and other composite fabrics. As the demand for composites continues to soar, you will gain a deep understanding of the production processes and repair techniques, empowering you to be a valuable asset in industries that rely on the exceptional combination of lightweight durability and strength that composites offer.

Regional Data (Ohio)

The GDP of Ohio’s manufacturing industry reached $130 billion in 2022, a figure higher than the total GDP for many countries outside of the U.S. Now’s a great time to join a thriving industry!

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


Career Paths 


Composites Manufacturing Technician


Composites Repair Technician


Quality Control Inspector (specializing in composites)


Composite Assembly Technician


Composites Manufacturing Supervisor


Composites Process Improvement Specialist


Composites Equipment Maintenance Technician


Aerospace Composites Technician


Marine Composites Technician


Automotive Composites Technician

Is This Certificate Right For Me? 

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  • Circle icon Do you enjoy working with machinery, tools, and technology?
  • Circle icon Are you detail-oriented and comfortable following precise instructions and standard operating procedures?
  • Circle icon Do you have good problem-solving skills and the ability to troubleshoot issues?
  • Circle icon Can you work well in a team environment and collaborate with colleagues from diverse backgrounds?
  • Circle icon Do you have the patience and persistence to ensure accuracy and precision in your work?